Thursday, November 16, 2017

Sensor Drones and Misssiles in Starcruiser 2300AD

Most of the space fleets in Starcruiser have sensor drones.  These can be used both offensively and defensively.   They can be sent out ahead of the fleet in order to use their passive and active sensors to detect opposing ships, etc.  When their active sensors are emitting they can also be used to help screen ships from being detected.  Active sensors add the equivalent of four light seconds of distance to the detection range of opposing sensor detection attempts if they are with a friendly ship(s) or directly between the opposing sensor and the friendly ships. 

Sensor drones could also be used as a decoy.  If they are designed and equipped with additional reflective surfaces or fixtures they can made to appear as a full size ship to active sensors.  Also, if strong enough, their radiated signature may appear to be the same as a regular ship.

As I noted in a previous post, I re-designed the missiles to increase their velocity.  I only did this with the French, German, and American missiles as these are the ones being used by the main combatants in Human Space.   Those used by the Kaefers only had their velocity increased instead of being completely re-designed.   As far as I know design information for the Kaefer's has never been released, though there has been some additional in later books. 

The following tables have the revised statistics for the American (Federation) SIM-14, French (Panthari Imperium)Ritage 2,  and the German (Domain) SR-10, and Donnerwetter missiles.  The formula for the volume of a missile bay is (diameter)x(length)x2x(number of missiles per bay)meters cubed  The surface area of the exit port for a missile is (diameterx2)meters squared.  All missiles are considered to be cylinders.

Design parameters
Missile Sensor Attack Power Plant Drive Cost
Federation 20p 10x2 0.5FC/NM 0.5NM 2.0mcd
Panthari 10P 10x2 0.5FC/NM 0.5NM 2.0mcd
Domain 1P 4x3 0.5FC/NM 0.5NM 1.8mcd
Domain exp. 6P 10x3 0.6FC/NM 0.6NM 2.4mcd
Sensors are passive.  FC is fuel cell.  NM is new military.  mcd is million credits.  costs were rounded up slightly to account for hull material and fuel.  Cost per missile is about four to five times that of the original designs.

Dimensions and velocity
Missile Diameter Length Volume Mass Velocity  Duration
Federation 2m 2.75m 5.5mc 7.84t 14 80min
Panthari 2m 2.75m 5.5mc 7.84t 14 80min
Domain 2m 2.5m 5.0mc 7.04t 14 80min
Domain exp. 2m 3.4m 6.8mc 9.42t 14 80min
Volume is meters cubed.  Note: The Domain missile can have a velocity of 15 by replacing the power plant and drive with 0.6mw units and increasing the length to 5.5m  this would also increase the volume of the missile bays.  Cost would increase to 2 million credits

Missile Bay Volume # per Bay
Federation 55mc 5
Panthari 44mc 4
Domain 120mc 12
Domain exp. 163.2mc 12

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ships of the Panthari Imperium

Took the following pictures of the ships that I am using for the Panthari Imperium.  These are from Irrational Designs on Shapeways.
 The fleet.  Two battleships, four cruisers, and four frigates

These were the closest designs that I could find on shapeways to the following ship from the 2320 version of 2300AD

Monday, November 13, 2017

When Worlds Collide

There are quite a  few pages on Shapeways that have planet and sun models.   Some can be quite expensive.   3Danime and LittlePlanetFactory make them in various sizes and prices.  There is another page that has fictional terrestrial planets..   The following picture has the ones that I purchased.
From left to right and front to back.   Terrestrial world, gas ball or ocean world, striped gas ball, what is supposed to be the sun, but is actually more red than the picture shows and would pass as a red dwarf, an arid planet, and a dead planet.  These are all about one inch or less in diameter.  I plan to get a four inch diameter plastic or foam ball from an arts and craft store to make the correct size model of our sun which is just over four light seconds in diameter.

Friday, November 10, 2017

2300AD Kaefer space ships

While browsing through shapeways looking for some space ships that would be useable for the marauding aliens in the Human Space Universe (use the label to see earlier posts and background)  I typed in 2300AD and Kaefer and found three  ships at 
These were the Kaefer Alpha battleship and Beta battle cruiser and the French Suffren.    The French chip was very close to the images from the game and 2300AD books, while the Kaefers had some differences.  I decided to purchase several of the Alphas and Betas.   The two are shown below
 alpha front
 alpha rear
 Beta front
 beta rear
 beta top.
Beta (top) and Alpha (bottom)

The pictures were taken outdoors in the sunlight and some of the detail on the left side of the p0hotos of the models is lost in the glare.  The ships do not come with a mounting hole which I added with a 1/16 inch drill bit (about 1.5mm) after finding the balance point.   The beta has a slightly flattened oval front while the alpha is round.   Both are nicely done and scale well with the ships I am using for The Domain and The Federation

The betas sort of conjure up the image of a wasp or scorpion with their gun towers located at the rear. and will be painted in a yellow and black pattern similar to wasps and bees.  The alphas will be painted in various stripes or spotted predator patterns.  The fronts of both will be painted with fangs similar to some aircraft for the alphas or like venomous snakes for the betas.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Battle of Trebia at Pacificon 2017

Trebia was the first of two games that I ran at Pacificon.   I had originally scheduled the game to run from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM.  However, two additional ancients games were added to the schedule with the first starting at noon.  Because of this I changed the times from 9:00 until noon.   There were six people who participated in the game.  Considering all the games that were being run that morning this was a good number of players.   The table measured 6 feet by 10 feet.

The armies were as follows:
GENERALS +1 X 14 X + OR - 1 OR 0 X 1+8 X
VELITES 3 5 6,8 2" 10 7 20 140
HASTATI 3+2 6 6 X 10 9 20 180
PRINCEPES 3+2 6 6 X 10 9 20 180
TRIARII 4 6 6 X 10 9 20 180
CAVALRY 3 6 12,14 2" 10 10 8 80
HANNIBAL +1 X 14 X + OR - 2,1,OR 0 10 1 10
GENERALS +1 X 14 X + OR - 1 OR 0 X 8 X
SLINGERS 2 5 6,8 2" 11 8 1 8
LT INF 3 5 6,8 2" 11 8 15 120
AFRICAN INF. 4 6 6 X 11 10 16 160
SPANISH INF. 3 5 6 X 11 8 8 64
GALLIC INF. 3 5 6 X 10 6 18 108
NUMIDIAN CAV. 3 5 12,14 2" 11 9 8 72
SPANISH HORSE 3 6 12,14 2" 11 10 4 40
GALLIC HORSE 3 6 12,14 2" 10 9 10 90
ELEPHANT 4 6 8 X 10 11 8 88
Surprisingly both armies had equal points.   There was a special rule that I thought of including for the game to reflect the Romans crossing the cold water of the river and not having time for their morning meal.   This was to have the players roll one die for each unit with an odd numbered result causing the unit to start the battle with one hit.  Since this was a convention game and meant to be fun for all, I decided not to use this.

The Romans were given the option of how many of their eight cavalry units they would deploy on each flank with some restrictions.   They were required to place two on each flank with the remaining four as they chose.   They elected to have four cavalry units on each flank.  The Carthaginians deployed all their Gallic cavalry on their left flank, all the Numidian cavalry on their right, and sent all the Spanish cavalry on an off table flanking move.

Initial deployment.  Romans on right. Carthage on left

View from the opposite end
View from Carthage side.  Spanish infantry on right African infantry in the middle, Gauls on left, skirmishers in front.
Behind Roman lines.  Two combined Consular armies in standard Roman deployment
Carthage had an overwhelming advantage on both flanks with the elephants and cavalry outnumbering the opposing Roman horse, but their infantry was outnumbered by the Roman infantry facing them. 

Carthaginian commanders.  Steve (Hannibal) at the front and his son Matt at the back..

Roman commanders.
By turn two both armies were engaged in combat.  Instead of using their elephants to disrupt and chase off the Roman cavalry and then turning in on the Roman infantry with their cavalry the elephants ended up fighting the Roman infantry and the cavalry became tied down fighting the opposing horse. 

Turn one

On turn three the Spanish cavalry arrived on the Roman left flank behind the Roman lines.   With their flanks in jeopardy the Romans shifted their velites to protect the flanks of the heavier infantry.

Turn 3 Carthaginian flanking force has arrived and ridden into the rear of the Roman left.
Other end of the battlefield.  Roman cavalry has fallen back evading contact

Eventually the Roman infantry were able to cut their way through the opposing infantry center.   At this point Carthage conceded and the game was called at 12:06 PM.   Actual play had started after 9:00 following an explanation of the game mechanics.

 Fighting continues as casualties increase along the line
Gauls are held up
 Velites shift to protect flanks of the main battle line
Right end of Carthage infantry routs.  Soon to be followed by the rest of the infantry.

The Roman army is all Rapier Miniatures figures and is just over 2000 figures.  The Carthaginians are mix of Irregular, Baccus, H&R, and Rapier. and is also about 2000 figures.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Pacisficon Game Expo 2017

I was at Pacificon this past Saturday.   There was a great variety of games on Saturday during the day.  According to the schedule of events Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Saturday evening could have had more games.   One complaint that I heard from quite a few people was the overlapping of times for similar games.   This has been happening for the past few years.  A couple of years back there were three American Civil War games at the same time.

There was a dealer section. next to the area where the miniature games were being played.  This did not have any rule sets or historical miniatures.  Though it did have board games and other items.

The following Pictures are most of the miniatures games that were available to choose form on Saturday.
 All quiet on the Martian Front
 Bob Bergman's Indian Mutiny game
 Treadheads (also running on Sunday

 up the creek with Rajah Brooke
 American Civil War
 Space Battleship Yamoto
Steve Montgomery's WW2 skirmish game
There were several others that I did not get a picture of

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Ravenstar Studios Fort Courage and more Domain ships.

Last month Ravenstar Studios had a 30% off sale so I purchased the Fort Courage space station and one of the starships.   Due to the large number of orders that were placed for the sale it took about a month before I received my order, but it was well worth the wait.   Fort Courage is a very nicely detailed model and after seeing a post about it on The Miniature Page I had decided to take advantage of Ravenstar's next sale to purchase one.  The model includes the main ring assembly, a piece to glue on the top center of the hub.  another piece to go under the station, and a small piece to glue into the center of that one.   Ravenstar was also kind enough to include some extra items with the order.   I only used a black wash when painting the model.

Fort Courage.   The camera flash has washed out some of the color on the closer part of the model.  I had taken a picture of it without the flash, but the interior house lights had given it a yellowish tone which can be seen in the pictures of the ship models..

In addition to Fort Courage, I also purchased some more Babylon 5 ships.  The 3d printed models are nicely detailed and are available in a variety of sizes.   The level of detail is quite a bit greater than I had expected.  I decided to use the larger of the two Omega models that are in the photo below.   While it is about four times the price of the smaller one it is more detailed, has a rotating center section, and is a better size fit for the light cruiser.   It is listed as the EA destroyer.  The model comes in three pieces, the rear hull and engines, the rotating section, and the forward section.   It does not have to be glued together and if using spray primer it is better to prime the pieces prior to putting them together.  Other ships purchased from the same shop were the fleet scale Nova dreadnaught, Warlock, and the guided missile battle cruiser.   Another ship that I purchased was the Poseidon from the store with the smaller Omega's and Nova's.

Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them for better detail

The two Nova models

The two Omega models

Poseidon carrier.

Warlock model from the same site as the larger Omega

The EA battle cruiser

The smaller Nova will be used for the Domain frigate.  The larger Omega will be for the cruiser and the EA battle cruiser will be used for the Domain battle cruiser.
 The three Domain ships/  Battle Cruiser at the top, missile cruiser in the middle, and frigate at the bottom.  The Omega is the same model as in the previous picture with the rotating section turned.

All of the ship models have been sprayed with dark grey prime and given a black wash.   I may add decals or dry transfers to them.

The Poseidon may be used as it is intended for a fighter carrier, or it might be used for an assault troop carrier.  The Warlock may end up as a ship for the aliens.   The ships in the StarCruiser game are the German Sachsen frigate, Hamburg cruiser, and Bismarck battle cruiser.  The Sachsen can control two missiles at the same time, the Hamburg four, and while it can only launch four missiles per turn the Bismarck has been modified to control up to eight missiles at once.  This allows it to hit targets with four missiles each turn while other ships firing at a 15+ light second range usually have to wait a turn between launches.  With its screens and armor it would probably take three or four Federation guided missile destroyers to take out the Domain battle cruiser.